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MDH Breathing Coordination is the study of how different structures in our body collaborate for optimal breathing. It reduces excessive tension and restores a healthy balance in our muscles and skeletal system in order to allow for calm and efficient ventilation.

The quality of respiration influences the quality of life and the possibilities of personal performance. Whether we are in good health or not, our manner of breathing is a key to better life.

MDH Breathing Coordination aims at creating a small and steady airflow with optimal balance in the surrounding structures in order to reduce strain on the vocal folds and optimize your vocal performance. Contact us if you:

  • Would like to learn more about optimal breathing and absorption
  • Are a beginner and would like to find your singing voice without pushing or damaging it
  • Already have some experience but wish to improve your performance
  • Experience vocal fatigue or other problems or pain when singing
  • Have to sing for extended periods of time and wish to improve your efficiency
  • Are suffering from vocal damage
  • Need help for interpretation of roles and songs

Healthy vocal use is the base of a successful acting or speaking career. Your voice is an important tool for expressing your emotions and having an impact on your audience. Contact us, if you wish to

  • Work on your Breathing Coordination for more vocal efficiency and better resonance
  • Find more presence on stage, in front of the camera or for public presentations
  • Learn to use your voice to express yourself with more confidence and make yourself respected

We are especially interested in helping teachers and educators to use their bodies and voices efficiently in order not to experience postural issues, vocal fatigue or even damage to the vocal structures. Come to studio Voice up! for:

  • Learning how to raise the volume or your voice without damaging it
  • Being more of an authority and have more presence in front of the class
  • Vocal efficiency when speaking for longer periods of time
  • Releasing tensions and stress that can influence vocal production

MDH Breathing Coordination has been found to be a very efficient way of improving athletic performance by professional and amateur sportspeople because:

  • The goal is maximum efficiency with minimal effort
  • The oxygen saturation is optimized when the system is well coordinated
  • Regeneration times are shortened due to higher efficiency
  • Excessive tensions are reduced in order to allow for optimal mobility

MDH Breathing Coordination can be a valid tool for managers and business executives in different fields. Contact us to find out more about:

  • Stress management and burnout prevention
  • Tension reduction and better concentration
  • Vocal performance for meetings and presentations
  • Improving your assertiveness

Because it reduces excessive tensions and helps to rebalance the muscular and skeletal structures, MDH Breathing Coordination has been helpful in improving the life quality of individuals suffering from conditions such as COPD, anxiety attacks, asthma, nodules on the vocal folds and others. Contact us for more information in your individual case.

Personalized lessons are available for individuals and groups.

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Studio Voice up!
Cesta 4. maja 61
1380 Cerknica


30 minutes from Ljubljana

Studio Voice up!
Partizanska cesta 82
6280 Sežana


15 minutes from Trieste

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Great education and advice is also offered by our colleagues:


Barbara Camille Tanze

Barbara Camille Tanze was born in Munich and grew up in Germany, the USA and Switzerland. She has been living in Slovenia since 2006.

Barbara graduated from the Conservatoire de Lausanne HEM in Switzerland in vocal performance and vocal pedagogy in 2006. She has many years of experience as a soloist on the opera stage, in concert singing and acting for different productions around Europe. She has been teaching singing and diction in private and public institutions since 2004.

She earned her Level 1 degree in Breathing Coordination after the principles of Lynn Martin and Robin de Haas (MDH) in 2014 and is currently in training for Level 2. For more information about the training program, go to www.breathingcoordination.ch.

Paolo Tanze

Paolo Tanze was born in Ivrea and grew up close to Trieste, Italy. He has been living in Slovenia since 2006 after numerous years of working in Switzerland.

Paolo graduated from the Universita di Studi in Trieste with a degree in foreign languages in 1997. He has worked for several international companies in Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia before becoming a private business consultant in 2007. His experience in the field of international business allows him to understand and analyze the needs of managers and business executives and offer individual solutions for each personal case.

As an addition to his consulting business, he has been studying MDH Breathing Coordination with Robin De Haas and Lynn Martin since 2014.